Positive Things About A Life In A Small Town

First of all, Preston is a wonderful little town. You wouldn’t believe it. About 200 people live here, and things work perfectly. One of the biggest advantages in a small town is that everybody knows each other. And this is a big plus. For example, if I am tricked or cheated by a citizen of this little town, the news will spread with great speed. So I am telling you, you can’t hide anything in a town like this. Good things or bad things, every bit of it will be known soon enough. So this is an advantage but is sometimes can be a disadvantage, because your privacy can sometimes be at stake. As for Preston, people in this town are really friendly. I love them. No hard feelings, no bad memories, and no cruel intentions.

This is an old mill town, and in fact, it still is today. There is a company that produces filtered water here. You can do your research and find out. My advice is that you will have a wonderful time here. My story is simple, and my advice is simple. Come to Preston and stay here for a while. When the time comes for you to leave and return to your regular life, it will be hard for you to leave this community. People are wonderful here.

When we talk about fresh air and food, yes, it is all healthy here.Everything is healthy here

When we talk about fresh air and food, yes, it is all healthy here. This town has a forest around it, and the air is beautiful. When you have clean nature, you also have clean water and food. The wilderness is astonishing. You should try it out. Give Preston a chance. I know I did and I didn’t regret it, not one bit.


The conclusion is very simple. If you want to try out something new, come to Preston and give it a try. You can’t lose anything. The only thing you will have is fresh air, great hospitality, and nice food.

Kim Garcia

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Kim Garcia

When people ask about Preston, I usually say that it is a good experience. The next question is about some facts about Preston. Yes, it is a small town, and yes you can’t find nightclubs or things that you can find in a big city. This is a town for those who enjoy peace. Don’t expect to find a museum like in NYC or cities like that.