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A Small Town That Is Full Of Life

If you want to get out of the rough and crowded city, my advice is to visit Preston! Not only is it a small paradise, but it also gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn interesting things about American history. If you want to learn how the two worlds collided in a good way, then this is the town to visit. Although it is a small town of only 200 people, it is full of life. If you want to go out or have a few drinks, you can find a place that suits you the most. But the thing is, people just want to get away to recharge their batteries. And this is the place for it. Even if you want to come as a tourist to enjoy beautiful forest and endless landscapes of green, this town should be your destination, and it needs to take place on your to-do list.

When you go to the town like Preston, you can’t expect to have all those things you have in cities. Here, people come to enjoy and relax. Here, you can understand why people love nature. When we are in nature, we are almost as one. In Preston, you will have that feeling. Preston has that old feeling like you have returned in time to revisit history. Since it was a mill town and it still is, you can find authentic things from that time. Also, you will find things to bring home as a good memory.

Enjoy while staying

Enjoy-while-stayingIf you want to recharge your batteries and if you want to learn something new, you can always go to the local center of the town and ask for directions and anything you want actually. People are very friendly here. If you thought that the hospitality is lost in the world, this town is going to reassure you.


This town is probably one of those little places you will visit again. I am sure.

Advantages Of Small Towns – Preston

When we talk about small towns, I’ll give you a hint. Preston is a nice small town with only 200 people in it. And yet this town still fascinates me. The history of this town is really rich. First of all, this is a mill town. Not only that but in the past it was a home of Swede people. One group was called “saints” because they didn’t like dancing and drinking was forbidden for them while the other group was called “sinners” because they were allowed to drink and to dance. And in fact today, these people have blended into one community. You wouldn’t believe it. When you visit this little town, you can see that people live here in a free matter. It is surrounded by forest, and we can guarantee that it has a lot of fresh air.

What to do in Preston?

What to do in Preston?When people ask me about fun and games in Preston, I just tell them that they are at the wrong place. I’m not saying that Preston is boring. But you won’t find nightclubs here like you would in big cities. Preston is a quiet and peaceful little town. People come here to enjoy the nature and all the bliss that you can find in the wilderness. When I came to Preston, I thought that it is going to be a boring experience. On the contrary, I enjoyed it very much. I can’t explain it. This little town has a unique energy. When you come here, and if you decide to stay, you will see that it can offer exceptional peace. And you have to admit it; peace is hard to find these days.

So what are you waiting for?

nightclubsIf you want to recharge batteries and if you want to learn something new from the chapters of America history, you should visit this small town. It can offer many things if you are modest. You won’t find nightclubs here, but you will find peace with a bonus on the side, beautiful landscapes.

The City Of Preston

In 1910, August Lovegren sold all 31 shares of Preston Mill Company stock at $5,000 a share to C.J. Erickson for a total price of $155,000. Lovegren, his wife, and eleven children relocated to the Willamette Valley in Oregon where it appears he developed another mill town.

Erickson, who had been the contractor for the Denny Regrade and the low bidder for the first drydocks in Bremerton, followed in his predecessor’s footsteps. Preston had begun as a company town, and Erickson carried on in this tradition. Worker homes were built and owned by the company and rented to occupants at $1.50 per room, per month; Preston Mercantile, the Preston Mill Company Store, supplied the community with a variety of goods, the costs of which were deducted from worker paychecks; and the Company provided community recreational facilities. About this latter company benefit, Erickson outdid Lovegren, who had provided picnic grounds for the community, by constructing a large community hall in Preston proper complete with a library, swimming pool, basketball courts, kitchen, and a stage.

During these early years of the twentieth century, the Preston Mill Company experienced its peak period eventually owning 12,000 acres of land and employing 200 men. Accordingly, the town of Preston and the area known as Upper Preston developed. In addition to the company store, Preston boasted of a butcher shop, a church, a school, a hotel, and a post office. Upper Preston featured a school and a store.

PrestonAlthough it is a small town, Preston has its beauties, and people love to come from all around the states to visit this town. If you want to learn and have a touch of history, this is a place to visit. It has about two hundred people, which is not much, but as you can see, you will find a lot of interesting things. Usually, people come to Preston to learn something new about their American history. And of course, although it is a small town, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. Preston offers many wonderful things if you are a person who just likes nature and likes to learn something. There are many interesting facts from early history and from the years that were crucial for American history. The town was pretty active during the Prohibition, and you would be amazed the things you can find out about this little town.